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The Museum of Arts and Culture

The Museum of Arts and Culture is dedicated to promoting artistic and cultural events and education on campus, fostering an understanding and appreciation of the arts and culture among faculty and students, and advancing the development of arts and cultural practice on campus. To enhance its programming content, the Museum incorporates arts and cultural resources within and outside of the university and sponsors all types of static and interactive artistic and cultural events. Through these events, the Museum works to broaden the reach of university-community audience exchange and interaction, to promote the culture of social care, to build a new type of open campus without walls, and to contribute to the thriving artistic and cultural environment that is becoming an important feature of southern Taiwan. In addition, the Museum also serves as an important means of interaction between government cultural agencies and local cultural circles. The museum presents one to two exhibits per semester to further showcase the rich dimensions and expressions of the arts.

The Museum of Culture & Arts also runs different lectures and activities concerning art. All students and staffs participate and enjoy these courses in painting, pottery, printing, traditional puppies and many other arts forms.



No.60, Sec. 1, Erren Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 71710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL:(06)2664911 # 7000 or 7003 Fax06-3663882

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