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Foreign Language Division

The Foreign Language Division is responsible for the design and administration of required General Education English courses, which are generally taken by all students in the university in their first year of study. These courses are named College English (I) and College English (II), and receive two credits each. After a placement evaluation prior to the semester, students are placed in one of three groups, according to their current level of English proficiency. Students in groups A and B attend classes for two periods per week per semester. Students in group C attend class for three periods per week per semester.  Recent years, the focus of oral proficiency of the students is strengthened and the foreign staffs participate in the workplace English training programs. Also, a language self-learning center has been established to assist students. There are numerous learning materials, including English magazines, books, films and on-line learning programs. Students can access these learning resources through computers and they also can consulate teachers scheduling there. Furthermore, there are various activities for students to learn and enjoy English, like Christmas gathering, English quiz games and foreign country excursions.








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