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    In accordance with the school motto of “being faithful and practical,” the programs of the General Education Center aim to cultivate students’ liberal perceptions and lead them to become holistic individuals. Based on the “Eight Core Capabilities” laid down as nationwide principles of general education by the Ministry of Education, and the “Nine Major Occupational Determinants” identified by Chia Nan University, the students are expected to meet the human resource needs of society.

    Chia Nan University established the ‘Nine Major Occupational Determinants’ to prepare students for their further career needs. Three of these domains are: (1) basic capabilities (languages, information, communication); (2) professional competences (knowledge and technique, practical theory and innovation, analysis and solution); and (3) occupational attitudes (ethics and humanity, concern and attention). The center takes the first and the third domains as the basis of its educational objectives and curriculum criteria.

    The following target capabilities should be carried out through the core courses in general education: (1) Chinese expression ability, (2) Foreign language competence, (3) Information application skills, and (4) Competence in interpersonal interaction. In addition, the following determined capabilities have been added to the curriculum design in order to foster positive occupation-related attitudes; Morals and ethics; Concepts of law and order; Problem solving; and Creative thought.

     Chia Nan University   has been recognized for the outstanding quality of professionals it produces in the fields of pharmacy, health and management. The General Education Center believes that a specialist-to-be must possess both expertise and a humanistic spirit. To meet this goal, the center instills humanitarian elements in the design of its curriculum. The courses, which are wide-ranging, help students understand humanity, social science, and most importantly, themselves.

  To sum up, the educational goals of the center are as follows:

  1. To put into practice the school motto of “being faithful and practical,” and to actualize the school’s beliefs in the importance of  “Health, Concern, Excellence and Delicacy”

(2) To emphasize the cultivation of personality

(3) To enhance interaction between professional instruction and general education


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