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The General Education curriculum consists of two main categories – core courses and developmental courses. Students are expected to complete 22 credits of core courses as a foundation in general knowledge and 10 credits of developmental courses to contribute to their holistic education.


Twenty compulsory credits need to be obtained in the following courses: College English I II, Chinese Literature, Chinese Practical Writing, Computer Software Applications , Internet Applications, Logic & Life,  Taiwanese History & Culture and National Constitution & Life.


A minimum of 8 credits are required in these courses, including four domains as follows:

1. Humanities & Arts

A range of themes are encompassed in this domain with an emphasis on human civilization and cultural activities, such as literature, culture, and religion.

2. Social Sciences

The social sciences are academic disciplines concerned with the study of the social life of human groups and individuals, including political science, social studies, economics, management, psychology, and interpersonal relationships.


3. Sciences and technology

A variety of topics in natural science and life science are offered, including animals, plants, minerals, environment, biology, environmental protection & ecology, chemistry, physics, life education, and health care.

4. Innovation

Various courses are developed for innovation. Students can be inspired by the new field and reach the frontier of new conception. Business entrepreneurship is also included in this section and students are able to pursuit the further development in their future career.



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